Professional UAS Services



Golf Course Services

AerialEyes specializes in golf course related services, including PGA-level yardage books created from survey-quality terrain data.  AerialEyes also offers remote sensing and turf quality assessments, allowing for reduced maintenance costs by identifying potential problem areas before they are visible to the naked eye.

Services Include:

o Professional Yardage Books

o Proprietary Turfgrass Analysis

o Vegetative Index Analyses

o Irrigation System Monitoring & Stormwater Drainage Studies

o Area Calculations (e.g. Diseases or Seeding)



Precision Agriculture

Remotely scout, monitor and assess vegetative conditions with AerialEyes agricultural drones. For projects of any size, from less than an acre to hectares, AerialEyes provides our clients a higher resolution imaging and analysis at a much lower cost than satelittle or other aerial imaging platforms.

Services Include:

o Vegetative Index Calculations & Mapping

o Crop Health Monitoring & Tracking

o Nutrient & Irrigation Deficiencies

o Biomass & Yield Estimates

o Livestock Counts & Movement Patterns



Aerial Surveying

Utilizing low-altitude high-resolution aerial photography combined with the latest in computational photogrammetrics, the AerialEyes team provides clients with real-time aerial surveying data with survey-grade precision. AerialEyes drone based workflows allow for deliverables in days instead of weeks, saving clients time and money.

Services Include:

o Hi-Resolution Orthomosaic Generation

o Sub-Centimeter Raster Data (for Surveyors & Engineers)

o 3D Pointcloud Creation & Classifications

o Quantity Calculations & 3D Surface Modeling

o GIS-Enabled Resource Management