Comprehensive Course Services

Map, model and manage course assets using AerialEyes' proprietary golf course services. AerialEyes has combined high-endurance fixed wing UAS platforms, outfitted with the latest in remote sensing technologies, to provide course professionals and superintendents all the tools they need from a single provider. Highlight course architecture with AerialEyes yardage books, which utilize precision surveying and 3D modeling services. Monitor turfgrass health and appearance, from tee to green, with AerialEyes proprietary turf analysis tool, derived from horticultural research practices. 


Yardage Book Excerpt - Hole Overview

Debordieu Golf Club - Georgetown, SC

AerialEyes yardage booklets give every golfer a tour-level course guide by combining high-resolution aerial imagery with survey quality terrain data. Orthomosaic images of the entire course gives you a birds-eye view of the hole for those tricky doglegs. Yardage references and contour elevations allow for the the perfect club selection for blind tee shots and approaches.


Yardage Book Excerpt - Greens Complex

Idle Hour Country Club, Lexington, KY

AerialEyes yardage books depict  survey quality terrain information, directional surface flow arrows to help better understand how greens break. These arrows combined with 0.1 ft contour lines give golfers a complete understanding of the greens complex to aid in landing approaches and reading putts. Colorized slopes give players another method of gauging slope severity and course features.


Turfgrass Management

Idle Hour Country Club, Lexington, KY

Reduce your course maintenance costs and incorporate remote monitoring into maintenance activities. Multi-spectral image analysis is a proven way to assess and monitor a range of vegetative conditions, giving superintendents a comprehensive picture of course health. Identify irrigation deficiencies, turf and/or tree diseases/pests/fungal growths, high traffic areas and other problem areas before they become unmanageable. This analysis can be provided in a hole-by-hole report, including calculations for percent cover on greens, fairways and tee-boxes. 


Yardage Book Excerpt - Hole Overview

Idle Hour Country Club, Lexington, KY

Precision Yardage booklets provide players with detailed information for each hole on the course, allowing for more comprehensive insight on club selections. Bunker and hazard carry distances, obstruction clearance heights, and distance to green information are some of the information depicted in an easy-to-read format.


Greens Complex Health Analysis

Idle Hour Country Club; Lexington, KY

Using various vegetative index analyses, AerialEyes can provide course superintendents with vital information to maintain course playability and aesthetic appeal. Areas of disease or infestation can be identified using digital image analysis before it is evident to the naked eye, saving resources, time and money.